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Welcome to Blackbelly Hill Farm located in beautiful Abbotsford BC!

Motivated to make healthy and active living a priority in our lives, we traded in our city homes in search of a place where we could become active participants in growing and caring for the food that we eat.

We found our own piece of paradise and we pinch ourselves everyday when we wake up surrounded by the open beauty of the Matsqui valley below us and the astonishing mountains surrounding us.

Our initial dream was to raise Water Buffalo for their high quality, low fat and low cholesterol meat, but we made a few pit stops along the way.  Our first addition to the farm were our chickens who produce beautiful blue, green and brown eggs.  We added some pigs and were amazed by the rich flavor of meat that came from animals who were fed good quality diets and who had the chance to play outside all day!  We then added our first few American Blackbelly sheep to our fields becoming the namesake for our farm.  You can lose track of time watching them play, jump and run up and down our hill.  We raised a few grass-fed steers, before making the jump to our dream and added the Water Buffalo to our farm.

Water Buffalo are the friendliest and most loving animals we have (although they are a close second to our dog).  They enjoy being scratched behind the ear and come running when they see us.  They also are an amazing and much healthier alternative to beef.  The taste is similar, but the benefits of eating grass fed Buffalo far exceeds your grass fed beef.

We currently have Water Buffalo and Blackbelly lamb for pre-order.  Please see our store for pricing and availability of our Water Buffalo, lamb, pork and eggs.  If you would like to put a deposit on a side of lamb or Water Buffalo please e-mail us for details.