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When we made the decision to move out of the city and onto a farm, we had this dream of raising Water Buffalo. While some may think our dream was random or exotic, we had been learning a lot about the health benefits of the Buffalo and wanted to raise them in the quest for healthier lives for ourselves and others.

The taste of Buffalo meat is very similar to the richness of flavor found in grass fed beef. Water Buffalo meat, like Bison, is a leaner with less than half the total fat content of lean beef (with less saturated fat as well). Even more impressive, is that Water Buffalo is lower in cholesterol and higher in calcium than Bison (which makes it lower in cholesterol than all domestic meat)! The meat also contains larger amounts of omega-3 polyunsaturated fats and higher levels of iron and zinc.

Healthier meat isn’t the only benefit we have found since we started working with Water Buffalo. They are amazing grazers and have great muscular development, which means they have a better conversion rate of food to growth than regular beef (which is why they are able to thrive in areas of the world that only have access to limited or poor quality pasture). Their effective grazing also gives back nutrients to the field as we seek to improve and restore the quality of land they graze upon. Water Buffalo are hearty and healthy, with no known cases of BSE or TSE worldwide and a much lower risk of encountering the general ailments other bovines encounter.

Our Water Buffalo are 100% grass fed and enjoy access to beautiful grass fields and a large pond for cooling off in during the hot days. They are also adore attention and are keen to come and meet us when we are around, always full of gentle curiousity, hoping for a neck scratch and any attention they can get… a lot like our dog.

Our excitement for this adventure has only become more passionate as the more we work with these animals, the more confident we are that this is the healthiest choice, not only for us, but also for our land.

We have many cuts available at this time-see our online store for details.

We also sell Water Buffalo by the quarter. If you are interested, please email us for details.